Born in Austin, Texas in 1948 – Dennis Gregory headed west at 4 years old in a covered, 1950 Plymouth. His Marine Flyer, Texas Congressman dad and beautiful scholarly mother settled in Orange County, where Denny ran wild in the Orange Groves. He grew up in the 60s surfing in Southern California – then in 1970 moved to Hawaii Island, founding the University of Hawaii Lit. Magazine and became know for his literary railings for Hawaiian causes. In 1978, Denny was named ‘Poet Laureate of Hawaii’ by the University of Hawaii President.

In the 70s he formed his first band, Denny and the Lava Brothers; lived in the Northern California Wine Country awhile and returning in the 90s with the same band, he was rocking all the parties in Puna, Southern Hawaii. With his ragged, jungle-rock style and beautiful melodies, his album “Sex, Drugs and Sushi Roll” was played island-wide on radio making him a local celebrity; his songs always heralding Hawaiian and common man causes.

After traveling the world, singing on the streets of San Francisco, London, and far away Athens, Greece – Denny returned to his beloved Hawaii and after teaching English and publishing two novels, he hooked up with producer/musician Johnny Sunshine in Kona, Hawaii. Johnny’s production skills helped Denny G quickly become a musical phenomena and television star all over the Big Island. His songs are deep and touching and his album, Daybreak, offered by Malolo Records in June 2010 is his greatest gift of Aloha. It will sing Hawaii, love and beauty into your heart.

**Check out a sampler of tracks from Dennis Gregory’s Hoku-Award-nominated CD, Daybreak, on the ‘DENNIS GREGORY SONGS’ page (found in the MUSIC section of this site) – and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out the STORE links where you can buy Daybreak on CD or purchase downloads of the album, or individual songs. Mahalo!