Ten years ago Johnny answered ‘Hawaii’s call,’ and for the better part of the ensuing seven years he enjoyed life on the Big Island in South Kona.

Johnny worked for the Big Island’s Access Cable TV station in Kona where he met and became good friends with poet/author/singer/songwriter – Dennis Gregory. Johnny Sunshine produced and plays on Dennis Gregory’s “Daybreak” album, contributing lead guitar on a Babicz acoustic and playing high-strung guitar parts for several tracks on a Wechter “Nashville” acoustic.

In September of 2011, Johnny Sunshine moved back to Texas where he was introduced to a long-standing, weekly blues gathering by some of the fine musicians in the Longview area. Johnny relocated before long to work in Austin again. Johnny is currently back up in the piney woods of East Texas and has reconnected to the area’s music scene.

Johnny Sunshine grew up on Florida’s Gulf Coast where he started playing guitar and writing/recording songs in the late 70’s.
Starting a jam band with several classmates during college in Atlanta, Johnny wrote songs and explored the finer fringes of garage rock for most of the 80’s. His band, Acid Cabbage, managed to record a few of their songs in local studios before they moved on to their careers. In recent years, Acid Cabbage — now known as Essential AC — has enjoyed a few reunion jams as opportunities have cropped up.

Johnny spent the early developmental phase of his career in Huntsville, AL & Denver before arriving in Austin, TX. Johnny stepped up and strapped in for some visionary collaborations in interactive media and digital audio production for a computer game studio in Austin. During this phase, Johnny exercised his jam skills with co-workers and friends but managed to write only a few new tunes. He continues refine his media and producer skills while expanding his songwriting focus.

**Hawaii footnote: Johnny continues to develop original musical scores for productions featuring shots from his underwater video library. Watch for updates regarding Johnny’s series of video products highlighting some memorable underwater experiences with some of the majestic inhabitants of the planet’s oceans.

Album Status

Johnny’s self-produced album has been on hold since he moved back to the mainland, but Johnny intends to see it through the final tracking stages so he can finally release it! Stay tuned for more updates as things progress.